Photographs from Achievers '09 in Orlando Florida! Congratulations to all from Achieve Magazine.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Julie and John Donovan at Achievers 09 Expo

John and Julie Donovan who were organic, biodynamic farmers for 18 years and says, "One of the things that attracted us to the business was the Nutrilite brand the integrity of their growing practices and their processing practices because we knew from growing ourselves how much of the nutritional value was lost in shipping and all the things that happen between actual planting and processing. We loved that with Nutrilite they did everything right on the premises, and they only took the first cutting of each plant. We, as organic farmers, were allowed to take up to four cuttings from one plant... but we saw that with Nutrilite, they ONLY take the first cutting... we knew how POTENT the supplements would be, because that first cutting is INTENSELY potent..."

Doug DeVos, President, Speaks at the Business Meeting

"It’s not just a beautiful day… we can get together and look for a beautiful tomorrow, and the next day. And to move forward because of the strength that we have together, and the strength and the passion that we feel for this business."

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Achievers Business Meeting

Session 2 Achievers arrive in Orlando

Gladys Garcia and Eddie Perez at Achievers 09 Expo

Gladys Garcia checks out the Amway iApp at Achievers 09 Expo.

Emeralds Gladys and her husband, Eddie Perez, have been in the business for 22 years, and were the first couple sponsored by Pedro and Patsy Lizardi.

She sent us this note about her best Achiever memories :

"During our Achievers at The Westin Diplomat my husband Eddie Perez and I, went out for a little sightseeing and to take people from our group that were in their first Achievers, for a dream session seeing all the beautiful houses, yachts and beautiful nature around where we were. I have been coming to Miami for more than 20 years but was not very familiar with the area around the hotel where we were staying. With the business, during the past couple of years, Eddie and I were here almost every month but we used to stay in South Beach. Touring around we found this place and we fell in love with it. It's called Waterways in Aventura. It is a Marina that is very open and goes around like a horseshoe with beautiful houses and apartments on each side, facing lots of nature and beautiful mansions on the Intercoastal with an amazing boat "parade" every single day which you can watch sitting on a relaxing bench right in front of the water. Once we saw this we said to each other, if only we could sit here every day with this beautiful view. From there on, when we traveled to Miami every month, we stayed in hotels in Aventura and Hollywood, Florida. When we decided to move and came to see properties with a Realtor last December 2008, guess what, one of the first places he showed us was in that area we fell in love with. So it wasn't too difficult to choose. Now we see that Marina from our terrace, office window and kitchen window, every day we walk or jog around the Marina or the Golf Course next to us and we get to sit at our bench.

Dreams Do Come True! God Bless!"


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Monday, November 30, 2009

Achievers 2009

Here we are in Orlando Florida!
Congratulations to all who qualified for Achivers 2009- enjoy, you deserve it!